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1430 El Paseo de Saratoga, San Jose, California 95130


+1 408-871-9333

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  • Jeffrey Hsieh
    Posted Jan, 26 2020
    I used to get haircuts here at least 5 times, then I went to other Great Clips location because the senior haircut lady did not seem to be friendly or even professional like other location. However, today since only this place had 0 waiting. so I went back again. Sadly, it is the most unfriendly experience and poor haircut I've hit in this location of Great Clips, 1430 El Paseo de Saratoga. Here was what'd happened - I went into the store with a $5 discount in another Great Clips' receipt. So I asked, "will you endorse and take $5 off today's haircut's fee? If NOT, I can go back to the original Great Clips store." She held it and looked at it quickly but just uttered "I need to read it--", and asked my phone number to check in the computer. Then see brought me to the haircut chair, but did not say "yes or no", so I asked her again. she still said "I need to read it, right?" Apparently, she had already read it. Finally she said "yes", yet reminded me that someone used to ask for $30 discount from $100 purchase. Well, I'm perfectly valid, why she said that.
    Then she ask what number or size for haircut, I said "number 2" on side, but longer on top, then she said "That will be number 4". I thought it will be partial using scissor to cut, yet I was wrong. Well, it ends up with just using "hair clipper" all the way (2"). Within 5 or 7 minutes, she had completed hair clipper's job and I was done. Finally, I paid her $12 ($17 minus $5) without giving her "tips". And she gave me the changes with NO receipt. When I went out and found no receipt, I returned to the store and asked for it. While she's making up the $12 receipt, she said "you do not need the receipt." I said, "yes, I need to prove I had paid.". She said "you'll pay or we won't let you go.", I said. "Of course, every customer will need receipt with any deal." Then I took the receipt and ran out. Obviously, it is not wise when I showed her the "$5 discount" from other Great Clips store although I let her to decide. She took it very reluctantly so I had a miserable haircut as a result.

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